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My Dear Friends,

God is constantly being God. God already is being all that God can be. We cannot change God. God is forever flowing and God is unchanging, eternally perfect. Our prayers have no effect on God because God is already Infinite Divine Being forever. So why then should we pray? What is the real purpose of prayer?

Since God is already being all that God is, it is we who need prayer in order to let God Is. We need to pray because it is in prayer that we remember to let God flow. In true prayer we “create an opening” into which God’s grace can flow. God is constantly available, but we have to “create an opening.” We have to get out of the way. We have to surrender our personal lives in order to experience God’s impersonal perfect eternal Life.

In the 14th century it was said that, “God abhors a vacuum. He can’t abide a vacuum anywhere under heaven, large or small. All you have to do is to become empty of self and automatically you’re full of God.” 1

It is
we who need to pray in order to “create an opening” into which God can flow.

It is just like electricity. Electricity is constantly flowing in our houses, constantly available, but it will do us no good if the switch is turned off. If we want to have the power of electricity, it will do no good to complain that we don’t have it. It will do no good to say, “I’m just not good enough. I guess I don’t have enough understanding. Even years of study about electricity won’t make it work for us. The simple fact is, if we want electricity, we have to throw the switch which creates an opening into which electricity can flow. And then we can have light, heat, and all modern conveniences. God is just like that.

You do not have to understand God, or study about God for several years. And praying to God to do this or that will not bring God into your life. In fact, you cannot ever be good enough to influence God, nor can you be bad enough to influence God. None of this has anything to do with it.

If you want to experience God, you must throw the switch. You must create an opening through which God can flow. Therefore, you must pray.

But now we understand that prayer is not vain repetitions, or begging or beseeching. True prayer is in going beyond words and thoughts into the Silence of being. Because it is in the Silence that God can happen. God is a verb not a noun! God happens, and God happens when we create an opening through prayer.

Now then, let God happen. Be still and let God happen to you. It makes no difference whether you have been good or bad, wise or stupid, whether you are young or old. None of this has any bearing on it. God needs no help. God already Is, and God is flowing now. Get out of the way and let God is. Let God happen.

                           God needs no prayer, God already IS
                        Man needs prayer in order to Let God IS

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