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My Dear Friends,

Relax, rest back, receive the gift of God without struggle or strain; in a resting from any personal effort. “I come as a thief in the night.” And you, you relax, and rest back on a sea of Spirit.

In order to practice our conscious oneness with that Omnipresence, that sea of Spirit; In order to rest in the understanding that underneath are the everlasting arms of our Divine Father, it is necessary to practice the principle of Resting and Relaxing. “Resist not evil” means – relax. Easy dose it. Remain still. “Stand still and see the salvation” of this invisible Presence of God; this invisible Substance appearing as the fabric of your existence.

It is our struggles that block the operation of this invisible Grace; when we are resisting, when we are struggling and straining, whether it is physically, or mentally taking much thought, searching frantically for a truth with which to meet our problem; this entire struggle, is not necessary any more. We are learning to relax and why; because we know now and we have seen that Invisible arm of the Infinite loving Father going before us; we have experienced Grace and Grace comes, Grace functions in a moment that you relax.

We have been taught that the strong survive; that this world is a world of “survival of the fittest.” And it has been hammered away at us for centuries, but we who are of the household of God, the children of God, we have learned to relax, to rest. “There remaineth a rest to the children of God.” Are we the children of God? We are if we are resting.

“Put up your sword” and this means the mental sword as well. Stop fighting. Those that use the mental sword will die by the mental sword. It means that if you use any force, any mental force, you will become entangled in that mental force. Such as wishing, asking, begging, and taking positive thoughts, affirmations that are parrot like.

The moment you pick up the sword and start taking thought, you are operating from the premise that there is a power that needs to be overcome. And all the time within you, the Father is saying, “Come unto Me, come unto Me and drop your burdens at My feet, rest, relax I will take it from here.

                            I in the midst of you am the way.

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